Qualifier for European Magic Series (1Slot) Format: Sealed Top 8

Es sind noch Plätze frei, bitte Anmelden damit genügend Spieler angezeigt und Event durchgeführt werden können.
Sunday, 28 April, 2024 - 10:00

Attention : Tournament places limited to 32 players Tickets reservation via the store

Door opens:          9.15

Tournamentstart :  10.00

Entry fee :            50.- CHF      at place or over the shop : BUY TICKET

Format:                 Sealed  (Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease Pack E)  - Top 8 (no Top 8 draft )    -  Decklists mandatory    REL: regular  , Judges on site

Attention:  Participation only with a Wizards Account !  https://myaccounts.wizards.com/login

Prices :   The winner is qualified for the  European  Regional Championship:  at   Lille 8-10.11.24

2 Play  Boosters Outlaws of Thunder Junction per player in the price pool          

+ Promocards for Top 16 Players - Springleaf Drum   , Top 8  Goblin Guide , Winner  gets FOIL Goblin Guide